Being in the Right Place

Beth Rounds recently became the newly appointed Chief Marketing Officer of Dapresy, a leading data reporting company in the market research industry. Find out why now is the perfect time for her to join the growing team.

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NYAMA BrandSpark Survey

NYAMA and BrandSpark International teamed up with Dapresy, one of the market research industry’s leading data reporting software applications, to present the results from their recent marketers survey. The results are now available to the public in a visually appealing, online dashboard. See the results today!

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The Art of Data Dashboarding

There are several specific techniques that you can learn to create visually appealing data dashboards that will inspire and motivate your colleagues to better understand information. Learn the best advice from Dapresy’s top designers today!

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The Power Behind Pictures for Market Research

At Dapresy, we often focus on how easy it is to create compelling stories from your data, especially from complex market research data. However, what is it that makes this possible? Obviously, a good user interface really helps, but something else that sets Dapresy...

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How to Maximize the Value of Business Dashboards

Joe Stangarone recently published an article on mrc's blog 6 Ways to Maximize the Value of Business Dashboards. Joe explains that there are many different ways to utilize business dashboards to make empowered decisions. However, some companies are not using business...

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