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Paul Kritzinger“At Facit Digital, we need to send reports of an employee satisfaction survey to up to 100 CEO’s across varying companies. By using Dapresy Pro, we can easily send specific data to the right people. Our internal clients loved being able to dynamically filter their data across a few slides, rather than reading through an entire PowerPoint deck. We’re happy we chose Dapresy because it has been a big advantage for our company.”
Maarten van den Broek“Dapresy is one of the best software providers in reporting … The dashboards are whatever our clients want them to be. Developing something like this can be a long, difficult process, so we are really happy we decided to work with Dapresy as partners, because together our focus is always to get to the solution.”
Gabby Frigenti“Dapresy has been a huge help at Sprout Research making our day-to-day life so much easier. It is one unified platform where I can keep all my data, run cross tables, make reports and dashboards and customize the view I want to show clients. Plus, I can always export the data to Excel. Twice a year, we do a Brand Health Monitor study on 2,200 people. Trying to visualize this data in PowerPoint was a nightmare and it was a manual, tedious process. With Dapresy, we were able to set up the wireframe and organize the layout of the data, which made the whole project so much smoother, and all our updates are automated. So not only do I love it, but our clients do too, because they’re no longer getting PowerPoint decks but dynamic, filterable dashboards.”
Jayne Krahne“Our syndicated studies collect a wealth of media and consumer data that fuels agency media planning software. Prior to Dapresy, the number of people who could utilize our data was limited by the complexity of available planning tools. Dapresy allowed us to make our data accessible beyond media planners, giving account managers, media sales teams and advertisers the ability to tap into our data to better understand their brand users and target audiences. With Dapresy, we were able to pre-build stories and allow users to mine our data with dynamic filters. Dapresy improved the data delivery to our existing customer base, and, allowed us to expand to a new advertiser client who uses our rich datasets for strategic analysis within a graphically appealing interface.”
Michel Berne“Dapresy answers three key needs that are prominent in the market research industry today. The first need is to “Tell a Story” with data. This is so important, because most clients don’t have the time to read through pages of data. Dapresy’s dashboards allow us to tell a story that is impactful and creative, but also concise. The second need is to be able to “Dig for Insights.” Clients want to explore and drill down into the data, and with Dapresy’s dynamic filters, this is easily done. Clients are able to search for information that is just impossible to find with cross tabulations. Third, clients want to be able to “Personalize and Customize” everything to their needs. With Dapresy, they are able to pick and choose what they want, and then filter out the rest. It’s that simple. Dapresy helps Ad Hoc set ourselves apart from our competition and it has given us an edge in several competitive bid situations so far.”
Ivayla Tasseva
“We chose Dapresy, because it was clear to us that the system was very user-friendly. With close to 2,000 report users for our AF and KLM clients, we needed to be able to design dashboards that would grab people’s attention and clearly communicate somewhat complex data. Dapresy could not have been a better choice as it is simple to navigate the system and we quickly find what we need. Plus, the Dapresy team is always there to assist us. We are very happy with the dashboards, and we look forward to our continued work with Dapresy.”
Ivayla Tasseva, Senior Project Manager

Anja Kettern -Lead Market Research, Clients “We brought in Dapresy with the expectation to automate our two big tracking surveys and provide visually engaging interactive dashboards that would entice and be used by senior management. We wanted to “Wow” them with graphics and ease of use. Dapresy met this expectation.
The initial set-up took some time, but we now have a streamlined process with automated reporting. The dashboards have amazing visuals and senior management is actively using Dapresy as a result of the ease of use and their ability to dynamically filter the data. As an added benefit, Dapresy has moved the market research department into a better position with management through the automated delivery of the data and insights.”
Haynes Hendrickson“Dapresy has been an extremely stable and reliable partner for Turnkey throughout our launch of the Surveyor Network, the sports industry’s first national research collaboration. They’re able to handle the massive volume of data we’re funneling into our clients’ dashboards, and ensure total security. Plus, the interface has enabled us to present data in a way that appeals to all of our users, and is actionable and easy to digest.”
Alex Pitcher, Head of Development, Clients“Dapresy allows us to set up scheduled imports of data on a daily basis and we provide our clients with near Real-Time reporting. This has greatly improved our service… It also greatly reduced the time needed to continuously produce static reports.”
Audrey Paradis, VP Ad Hoc Research, Clients“Dapresy client service is very responsive… They get back to us in minutes, not hours…that’s very important. Overall, we’re very positive about Dapresy. So much so that we brought on a full time graphics person and have added a third license.”
Aaron Reid, Ph.D., Chief Behavioral Scientist, Clients“One of the primary reasons this software is both practical and empowering, is that it has been built by researchers. This background means that the system isn’t merely a data representation tool, but rather, it is an insight storytelling mechanism. The market researchers at Dapresy understand that data is only as good as an analyst’s ability to derive insight and tell a compelling story from it. Given that deep market research knowledge, Dapresy has built a system that empowers the research analyst to tell a more visually elegant, insight packed, decision driving story from the data. And to add further benefit, the system functions off the raw data, which makes this tool exceptionally well suited for tracking studies and executive data dashboards. Once you’ve built your template, it is simply a matter of uploading your new raw data, and clients have immediate access to new insights.”
David J. Stys, SVP, Product Development, Clients“At Turnkey Sports we constantly aim to provide real-time and key insights to our clients, and Dapresy has empowered us to extend our normal research and analytics offerings in a very dynamic way. We were very quickly impressed by the capabilities of the platform and appreciate how well it operates in tandem with our existing Survey platform. Dapresy is easy to use and our clients are always impressed by how great our dashboards look!”
Michael Lersch, Director, Clients“Increasingly, our customers are asking us to deliver results online and especially through dashboards. We have done this in the past for larger projects, especially tracking studies. However, using Dapresy Pro now makes it cost effective for us to offer online dashboards for most projects, even smaller ad hoc studies.”
Mikolaj Grzywacz, Rogers Media, Clients“One of the great things about Dapresy is that it gives our clients the ability to slice up data and test assumptions on their own. They no longer have to put in ad hoc requests for the same information as it’s at their finger tips. Dapresy is such a useful tool because it is dynamic and interactive. These features simultaneously allow our clients to dig deeper into the data while also freeing up the research team to do other work. That’s a significant competitive advantage.”

Today’s clients want to know with confidence that when they spend money with AOL, they will achieve results. Discover how AOL used Dapresy, a visual and engaging business intelligence system, to meet their business objectives, unlock valuable insights, and win their clients’ trust.

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Since 2012, Populus Data Solutions (PDS) has created 40 Dapresy Pro dashboards for many different customers. One of them was so impressive that PDS (and their research agency partner Red C) won the 2015 MRS Operations Award in the category ‘Best Data Solution’ for project for Aer Lingus.

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TNS Gallup Norway, the largest research company in Norway, has been using Dapresy to help with their data dashboards and reporting needs since 2012. Recently, they needed to rapidly improve the data load process as well as create single-sign-on links for a specific client. Discover how Dapresy provided an easy solution, and saved TNS Gallup two weeks of tedious, time-consuming work by enhancing their data load process.
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enterprise feedback system

Bugaboo, an international mobility company, wanted to start listening to end-consumers within every level of its organization. They wanted to fully understand and be able to react to their clients’ experiences. Discover how they began using Dapresy’s enterprise feedback system, Enfesys™, to better understand & engage with their customers.
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research reports

Blauw, one of the leading research companies in the Netherlands, spent many hours every month pulling together reports for their clients by using multiple platforms. Learn how Dapresy helped them transform their company by solving this problem.
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compare survey results

Turnkey Intelligence developed the Surveyor Network to meet the needs of the fast-paced sports and entertainment industry. Their Surveyor Network enables properties of all types to directly compare survey results to league, industry and geographic location. With the creation of this product, Turnkey Intelligence needed a fast, cost-effective and secure dashboard partner who could help them easily share their wide array of data. Read the article to find out how Dapresy helped them.
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Kantar Worldpanel uncovers the art of making the impossible, possible when reporting on messy and complex multi-level, multi-source data. Not only that, but its clients are impressed with the speed and visual appeal of the delivery.
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meridian west

Dapresy’s role was pivotal in allowing this consulting company to apply a customer experience management approach to high-stakes, high-value client feedback in the world of international professional services. In one case this has allowed a growing company to succeed with a major global expansion while delivering consistent service to its clients across every assignment.
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in house research

Learn how one small research agency was able to abandon PowerPoint reports, and relentless traveling around the country, by introducing an always-on reporting solution in Dapresy. Instead, the team now focuses on strategic issues with clients and developing new business.
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interactive reporting tool

Passenger Focus needed to find a cost-effective, interactive reporting tool that could be built into its website so that anyone could simply and instantly create their own charts without needing to be an ‘expert user.’ Learn why Dapresy was the perfect fit for them.

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