A View from Dapresy Down Under

Data visualization Brisbane

Heath Adams describes himself as a classic early adopter of anything in technology – and ruthless in ensuring it drives efficiencies and cost savings for the business. He sees research and consulting being enormously disrupted, and wants to be at the forefront of the movement.

That is why Heath joined Dapresy in 2015 to open our new branch office in Brisbane, Australia. Below are his thoughts on how data visualization is revolutionizing insights and report delivery in his area of the world.  

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Being in the Right Place at the Right Time in the Market Research Industry

market research

You’ve probably heard the phrase ‘Being in the Right Place at the Right Time’ before. It means that one is in the best position or place to take advantage of an opportunity. It can also mean that they are lucky or fortunate.

The latter is certainly true for me, as I feel very fortunate to be joining the Dapresy team. For the past 15 years, I’ve worked or consulted in several leading companies that have focused on innovation in market research and technology. These firms challenged traditional paradigms by bringing new approaches to the research industry. So it seemed like a natural fit to join Dapresy at this stage of my career and at this stage of their growth.

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Why the Numbers Lab Chose Dapresy Pro to Visualize and Deliver Their Numbers

Here we talk to the numbers lab, one of our newest UK customers, which has recently taken on Dapresy Pro to create a compelling ‘single point of contact’ dashboard and portal for a large tracking study that this research agency runs for a major client.

Anne-Marie McCallion, Associate Director at the numbers lab explains: “Working on a tracking project, by its nature, amasses a lot of data. We wanted to be able to deliver all this data to our client in a clear, succinct and usable manner.”

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Cheers to 2017!

Christmas or New Year celebration. People holding glasses of champagne making a toast by the Christmas tree

It has been a good year for Dapresy UK, in which we have seen a 30% growth in the number of clients. We want to thank you for your business and are excited to be able to partner with you in 2017.

We have some important plans for next year, including hiring new staff in the UK. These new colleagues will increase our capacity to support customers in the creation and use of the best Dapresy dashboard solutions. With an increased local presence, it will also allow us to be more responsive to the needs of customers in Britain and Ireland.

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NYAMA/BrandSpark Survey: Marketers Focusing on Mobile and Consumer-Generated Content Strategies into 2017

BOSTON – Nov. 29, 2016 — The New York American Marketing Association  (NYAMA) and BrandSpark today announced in conjunction with Dapresy, a global provider of data visualization and data integration software, that the results of the first annual NYAMA/BrandSpark American Marketers Survey are available online here.

The survey captures the views of more than 650 marketers across the United States, representing a range of major industries. Marketers shared their overall strategy, key tactics, challenges, successes, media spend intentions and ROI perceptions.

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A Closer Look at Dapresy Pro 10.1

The latest release of Dapresy Pro contains many useful enhancements that have been added due to conversations with our customers. Dapresy’s rolling programme of frequent software updates help to keep Dapresy Pro at the forefront of dashboards and data visualisation. Here, we want to highlight just a few of the changes and encourage you to take a closer look at them.
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The Art of Data Dashboarding

There is just as much art as science that goes into creating a data dashboard. A well-constructed dashboard always sits in the centre of a triangle of complementary disciplines, uniting data science, graphic design and business consulting.

What we call the ‘art’ of dashboard creation sits at the intersection of these three disciplines, and is what this article and its sequel (next month) will uncover, by speaking with three of Dapresy’s most experienced dashboard specialists: Sebastian Öhgren, Client Operations Manager, Fredrik Österberg, Chief Revenue Officer, and Alexander Skorka, Chief Operations Officer & Managing Director, Dapresy Germany.
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The Power Behind Pictures for Market Research

At Dapresy, we often focus on how easy it is to create compelling stories from your data, especially from complex market research data. However, what is it that makes this possible? Obviously, a good user interface really helps, but something else that sets Dapresy Pro apart is the ingenious design of its internal database.

Market research data is among the most complicated type of business data for any system to understand, due to features such as weighting, hierarchies and multiple response questions. Most of my colleagues at Dapresy, like me, have come from the market research industry, so we understand the issues perfectly. It is why we have spent years creating features to make managing this kind of data as easy, efficient and error-free as possible. So, for example, where you have routing in your questionnaire, the database automatically knows that the base size is different – you do not need to waste time creating additional definitions just to get the base right. Similarly, if you want to report on the top two brands throughout your study, there are standard features to let you set that up across your project in a few moments.

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