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Actionable Insights. Better Experiences.


Dapresy is your solution to efficiently manage customer feedback to meet your goals and build better experiences.

Connect your organization to key metrics and customer input with engaging, actionable dashboards. Create filters to show region, target groups or business units, all within one customized dashboard.

Visualize your customer’s journey to better understand your critical touchpoints. Go beyond traditional reporting to enable your organization to experience the information. 





Dapresy also offers an Enterprise Feedback System (Enfesys™) to give you a true 360° view of your customers. With this module, you can efficiently manage customer experience with automated alerts and closed-loop feedback to guarantee a reduced risk of churn.

The dashboards are whatever our clients want them to be. Developing something like this can be a long, difficult process, so we are really happy we decided to work with Dapresy.

Maarten van den Broek

Research Consultant, Blauw Research



TNS Sifo uses Dapresy’s solution in our clients’ CX programs which allows us to customize the look & feel to a large extent. This motivates our clients’ employees to interact with the system, which drives customer focus and improves customer experiences.

Jesper Rückertz

Senior Advisor, TNS Norway

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