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“We now have several companies working with our VoC programme [Enfesys™]. We wanted flexibility, and that is working well – each of our clients is profiting from quite different benefits that the system offers. The dashboards are whatever our clients want them to be. Developing something like this can be a long, difficult process, so we are really happy we decided to work with Dapresy as partners.”

Maarten van den Broek Blauw

Customer Experience Management

Be Visual to efficiently manage customer feedback and improve satisfaction and loyalty. Keep your customers happy by immediately following up on any problems that occur.

Many survey software tools output results, but imagine if you could automatically alert a manager when a customer is not satisfied. Our Enfesys™ solution does just that! Easily identify problem areas and immediately create an action plan to ensure that nothing “falls through the cracks.”

Enfesys™ is completely customizable, so it supports your specific workflow and processes. You can use it to follow up and act on different data sources, like your sales data, survey data or customer complaints. Notify your staff about “early warnings,” “firefighting” or simply alert them when any value goes beyond a defined threshold.

Capture and monitor all of your company’s data within the system so you can easily send dynamic dashboard reports across your enterprise. With Enfesys™, you get a true 360° view of your customer so you can efficiently manage their experience and reduce churn.

  • Automatic alerts trigger actions
  • Seamlessly integrates with Dapresy dashboards
  • Real-time customer satisfaction score monitoring
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