As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. The same is true in market research and customer experience reporting. A visually engaging dashboard is worth more than a multitude of PowerPoint slides! In this article, we will showcase an example that condenses customer experience data into an infographic dashboard. We’ll also show how drill down pages enable a user to understand the customer experience and diagnose problem areas.

Quickly & Easily Analyze Customer Experience
This airport terminal example shows how you can easily display key metrics to view how well guests are satisfied with the experience, from how happy they are with boarding to how unhappy they are with passport control.

With a quick glance, you can see that overall satisfaction is at 79%, this is also indicated by the green smiley face. With another quick look at the dashboard, you’ll see that there is an issue with passport control, specifically that the waiting time is 36%. Based on this information, the user can immediately dive deeper into the “data” for further analysis.

Threshold calculations, as well as benchmarks, are easy to set-up in Dapresy.  As new data is added, the dashboard is automatically refreshed and updated.

Deliver Effectively
A dashboard like this is intuitive, easy to navigate and can quickly be distributed to your management and customer experience teams across the globe, allowing them to only see the information that is pertinent to them. Drill downs into the data are also available for further analysis, as shown by this Cause & Effect example. The system can also include customer comments to provider a deeper view into customer issues.

Create Your Own Dashboard Today
Dapresy’s template library and user-friendly interface makes it easy to create an insightful and engaging dashboard like the one you’ve seen here. Be inspired to take the next step and speak to an expert today!

John Bird

John Bird

Senior Vice President at Dapresy
John has over 25 years of enterprise and supplier experience that inspires him to share his vision of online reporting with the rest of the world. He greatly appreciates the fact that he has not loaded reports in 3 ring binders in over 4 years.
John Bird

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