In 1999, I was inspired to create a data reporting tool that could natively configure and visualize raw market research data. In a series of blog posts, I am going to share my findings related to Market Research Reporting. In this first blog post, I will set the scene by simply sharing the below video. This video demonstrates one of the many ways companies utilize Dapresy Pro’s effective data reporting platform. It also demonstrates how Dapresy Pro is being used for a customer satisfaction program where reports are being distributed online to different hotel managers.

Dapresy Pro is a flexible reporting platform for professional market researchers, because it was designed specifically to work with raw market research data. With Dapresy Pro, you can simply import your raw data from SPSS, Excel or from any of the many data collection platforms that we connect to (Decipher, Voxco, Unicom, Survey Monkey, Survey Gizmo, etc…). Once you have imported your data you can create online dashboards, PowerPoint reports, or tables in Excels. Our user-friendly interface allows everyone to efficiently create high-quality reports. 

To see more examples of Dapresy Pro’s reporting capabilities, visit our Gallery today!

Tobi Andersson

Tobi Andersson

CEO & Co-Founder at Dapresy
Tobi has dedicated his professional career to data visualization and is a recognized expert in the field, having consulted with hundreds of companies on innovative visualization processes.
Tobi Andersson
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