“One of the great things about Dapresy is that it gives our clients the ability to slice up data and test assumptions on their own. They no longer have to put in ad hoc requests for the same information as it’s at their finger tips.”

Mikolaj Grzywacz Rogers Media

Marketing Research

Be Visual and create comprehensive dashboards to save your company time and money. Dapresy was built by our expert team of researchers, for researchers, with 15 years of continuous refinement, so we’re always up-to-date on client needs.

Never worry about tedious marketing research reports again. Our built-in templates let you create engaging dashboards in minutes. Use our library of over 2,000 infographics to create dynamic dashboards, or use other graphics packages like Photoshop and Illustrator, or just import your own designs!

Instead of building tedious, time-consuming PowerPoint decks, let Dapresy automate the process. Just import your raw survey data from an SPSS, EXCAL, CSV or Triple-S data format into Dapresy, and then customize it to fit your business’ needs. Our drag & drop interface provides a modern, user-friendly work environment for you to tell a story with your data.

Dapresy fits all of your reporting needs, whether it’s for ongoing trackers, syndicated reporting or voice of the customer programs. Any new data that comes in is automatically updated, and the dashboard reports will refresh themselves for real-time access, so you’ll never miss a thing.

  • Use our robust icon library or import your own images
  • Create your own unique infographic templates
  • Easily customize infographic-based dashboards
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