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Dapresy Pro enables users to create and deploy online dashboard reporting solutions for market research, marketing and customer experience management.

Whether you are looking for a solution to help you automate your reporting process, improve your storytelling and data visualization, or need to integrate multiple data sources – Dapresy Pro is the solution for this and more!



Dapresy Pro offers a comprehensive, infographics-rich visualization platform that is intuitive and engaging.  

Our solution is agile and suitable to meet the needs of market research agencies and enterprise marketing and research organizations – from large to small.

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There is no other solution on the market that allows you to transform your complex data into easy to understand visual storytelling dashboards, enabling all members of the enterprise to analyze, share, collaborate, and take action. Dapresy’s built-in templates let you create engaging dashboards in minutes.

Use the library of over 2,000 infographics to create dynamic dashboards, or use other graphics packages like Photoshop and Illustrator, or simply import your own designs.

Users can access Dapresy Pro through a login page or a single sign-on from another website/intranet. The single sign-on function allows for individual access rights, though all users can get access to everything.


Dapresy Pro integrates with multiple internal and external market research, customer experience, and marketing data to provide you with a “single source of intelligence.” Inside the software there is a rich suite of functions to manage both data processing (weighting, computing of variables, index calculations…) and meta data.

There is no need to pre-aggregate any numbers in Dapresy Pro since the charts and tables you add are calculated on the fly from the data. This platform can inherently read raw market research data. It works with all the major formats such as SPSS and Triple-S, and has API’s with the most commonly used data collection platforms.


With Dapresy Pro you can create a “story” or “path” of information for the users. This means that from a single view, users can then click further into the dashboard to learn more. This is an easy-to-use way of drilling into the data that is very efficient.

For more data-driven analysis, Dapresy dashboards contain dynamic filtering that allows for numerous views of the data from a small set of key metrics. If the drill down pages and dynamic filters are not enough, there are also built-in chart and table tools that are used to quickly run the data requests on the fly, allowing analysis down to the raw data level.


Dapresy has all of the necessary controls you need to manage exactly what each user can see and do. This way, everyone will get the data they need when they need it. You can give specific users access to:

  • Particular dashboards/reports
  • Other parts of the dataset
  • Different KPI’s/metrics
  • And to many more functions

Users can easily access Dapresy Pro dashboards through a login page or a single sign-on from another website/intranet.


Dapresy’s built-in feedback management process allows for customized alerts, assigned actions, and collaboration within your organization.

The agile, drag & drop environment provides a template-driven program that can be used by anyone in the organization. It can also be specifically configured for particular user needs.

Lieberman Research Worldwide

“There’s constant pressure to quickly get key metrics and KPI’s in particular. So the ability to post something up right away is addressing that need, and it has been effective. Having the ability to not just show a chart but to tell a story in an Infographic style really resonates well, especially with the Chief Marketing Officers. It’s easier for them to relate to. It means people can instantly see they are getting value out of the brand tracking programs they are investing in.”

– Scott Luck, Senior Vice President

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