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Dapresy is proud to offer global support to all of our clients, whether they need assistance with system functionality or design standards. Our highly-skilled Client Service Support Team are experts in online reporting and dashboard design. Our team is passionate about our customers’ success.

New Dapresy clients will receive an in-depth, on premise training to give their team the knowledge and tools they need in order to build their very own, comprehensive dashboard. Some of these tools include the following:


Dapresy University provides a collection of online courses that dive deep into the Dapresy Pro software. Each course walks you through a step-by-step process of how to use all of Dapresy’s many features and capabilities.



Dapresy Solutions is a library of live dashboard examples that provide inspiration for your own designs. We also support your business development activities with relevant materials and dashboard demos.



Monthly webinars are exclusively available to Dapresy clients. These 30-minute sessions highlight all new features and include a thorough demonstration of how to use them in the system.


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