Dapresy Expert Services

Client Service & Support

Give your projects a boost with our Client Service Support Team. All are highly educated experts in online reporting and dashboard design techniques, and they work daily with Dapresy Pro.

Our team can take your project from simple data and turn it into a visually engaging, interactive dashboard. It will be presented with a statistically correct approach.


visualization reporting

Use our Client Service team when you want to:

  • Get started quickly, but you don´t have the time to train your own team.
  • Move several projects at once from your old visualization platform to Dapresy Pro.
  • Have an extra resource to work together with your team in order to meet tight deadlines.
  • Have Dapresy take full responsibility for your reporting requirements from start to finish.


Design Services

Let our team of dedicated, professional designers turn your ideas into visually engaging dashboards. At Dapresy, we combine a powerful platform for data visualization with the professional eye of designers. Our design team knows how to visually present complex information so that it’s easy for non-professional users to understand.

Since their designs are provided to you as templates, they can be reused over and over again in other projects. If you have designers in-house, our design team can give your team a kick-start. They can provide samples of infographics and data dashboards that work well with Dapresy Pro and that can be further adapted to your own requirements.

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