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“Dapresy improved the data delivery to our existing customer base, and, allowed us to expand to a new advertiser client who uses our rich datasets for strategic analysis within a graphically appealing interface.”

Jayne Krahn Kantar Media

Visual Business Intelligence

Be Visual and provide a better way to understand, communicate, and take action on customer data to easily share insights. Now, you can finally understand the story that lives within your data. Move beyond PowerPoint reporting and discover the better way to pull together relevant information to visually present your company’s big picture.

With Dapresy, you can seamlessly integrate both survey and other business marketing data such as sales, shipments, advertising, social media, and voice of the customer to provide a “Single Source of Truth.” You no longer have to rely on multiple reporting systems anymore; Dapresy is your visually engaging, unified presentation layer.

Dapresy eliminates the tedious task of data versioning. Now, you can easily deploy market and business intelligence across your enterprise to engage stakeholders and keep everyone on the same page. Control data and functionality rights– all with the push of a button.

Move beyond standard BI reporting systems that have limited dashboard capabilities. Add a new dimension to your online business intelligence with Dapresy.

Infographic storytelling dashboard

Follow your customer’s path to purchase

Be Visual - Provide context to your findings.
Our “free form” structure lets you place your data anywhere so you can best communicate your message.

Clearly communicate
marketing data

Easily deploy dashboards
across your enterprise

Integrate all of
your information

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