Create Engaging Market Research Dashboards that will Wow Your Audience

Is your audience truly engaged with the insights you are sharing? Watch Dapresy’s free webinar to learn how you can guide users through the research results in a way that aligns with their needs.


Take Your Market Research Reporting from Good to Great

Are you challenged with how to process data more efficiently and visualize more clearly in order to facilitate faster & better business decisions? See how Turnkey Intelligence has revolutionized their dashboard reporting — utilizing Dapresy Pro —  to create more value for their customers.
(Length 38:01)


How to Transform Market Research Reports into State-of-the-Art Dashboards

How can you organize your survey and customer experience data in a way that meets your company’s information objectives? Learn specific techniques and see live examples today.
(Length: 58:55)


What’s Your Story? Three Ideas to Improve Insight Design and Visualization

Learn the best practices that insights professionals are using to create better stories with their data.
(Length: 39:43)


How to Take Reporting to a New Level with Interactive Dashboards

Dapresy partnered with client Koski Research to share their practical advice on how to move away from PowerPoint and embrace dashboard reporting.
(Length: 46:21)


Five Steps to Creating Action-Oriented Dashboards

Learn the five key steps you can take to transform your data into compelling, interactive dashboards that tell a clear story.
(Length: 31:11)


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