Five years ago, my team and I opened Dapresy’s North American office. Since then, we have exponentially grown our business each year, and have expanded our offerings to include a closed-loop customer experience reporting module called Enfesys™.

I recently visited one of our clients who is using our platform for many of their tracking programs. They shared a problem they were having with another tool – a large CX platform – and wanted to know if Dapresy Pro would be a better solution. This client in particular was working with a large QSR chain with thousands of locations. Ideally, they wanted their regional manager to be able to log in to one location to view data based on region, district and unit. However, without extensive hierarchical user management, that regional manager had to have three separate logins to view region, district, and unit data. Obviously, this takes more time and is not acceptable in this fast-paced data-driven world!

Problem solved! Thanks to Dapresy Pro in combination with Enfesys™, our comprehensive feedback and action management module, this customer has the ability to immediately access pertinent data, and quickly take action to resolve any customer problems that occur. Dapresy allows you to configure user-access hierarchies and provide the ability for “on the fly” delivery of the right data, to the right person, at the right time.

At Dapresy, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide a world-class data delivery platform that is uniquely suited to work with market research and CX survey data. We are also proud to enable our clients to make better business decisions by providing them with the tools they need to identify crucial insights and act quickly to resolve problem areas.

I encourage you to speak to an expert today to learn how Dapresy’s innovative software is greatly improving how businesses process, visual and distribute their data for better and faster decision making.

Rudy Nadilo

Rudy Nadilo

President, North America at Dapresy
Rudy has deep experience in the market research and insights industry, and was one of the leading forces behind the inception of online research. He is a regular speaker at industry events, sharing his passion for Dapresy and our vision.
Rudy Nadilo

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