Use Dapresy’s SaaS DIY Platform for market research and customer experience reporting. Clearly communicate your data through customizable infographic dashboards.


Use Dapresy’s SaaS DIY Platform for market research and customer experience reporting. Clearly communicate your data through customizable infographic dashboards.
How much does Dapresy cost?

The pricing module is dependent on many factors, such as how many administrator licenses, report users and projects your company will need. We will work with you to provide a customized pricing package for your company’s specific needs.

Is Dapresy like Tableau, Qlikview & Spotfire?

No. Those are BI tools designed to process huge transactional data files. They do not work well with survey data, and they are limited dashboard tools. Dapresy is a data presentation system that works directly on respondent level survey data. It can also take the non-survey data output from these business intelligence tools, integrate the datasets and then present this BI data in a dynamic, infographic-based dashboard report. Many Dapresy clients use both.

Can I export my dashboard data to PowerPoint or Excel?

Yes. You can export individual slides from your dashboard into PowerPoint and Excel.

Is Dapresy a PowerPoint production system?

No. Dapresy is a complete Survey Production and Marketing Reporting Solution. It deploys online dashboards that allow users to dynamically filter data visualizations to get the data presentations they require. Dashboards can then be downloaded into a PowerPoint slide.

What makes Dapresy better than continuing to use PowerPoint?

PowerPoint is a great presentation tool, but it is not the efficient way to report data. A typical tracking study reported with PowerPoint can easily run into hundreds of slides.

Dapresy makes building PowerPoint slides obsolete. Analysts work directly from the raw data files within a Dapresy dynamic dashboard, and all custom dashboard pages are seamlessly built from these data. And because you work on the raw data files, there are no data input or transposition errors. New data is automatically imported and dashboards refresh themselves for real-time access. With Dapresy, you can export slides from your custom dashboard into PowerPoint to be used in presentations.

Who builds the dashboard?

Dapresy’s experienced staff trains your team to create your own custom dashboard report.

Can Dapresy control data and functionality rights by users?

Yes. Dapresy has deep controls for data and functionality rights. A typical dashboard can be distributed to the entire organization with views for management, marketing, sales, product management, etc. Each view is working within the 1 custom dynamic dashboard thereby eliminating tedious, time consuming and error prone PowerPoint versioning.

Can I automate data updates with Dapresy?

Yes. Data can be automatically updated into Dapresy for trackers and other recurring data visualization deliverables. In addition, Dapresy has a fully integrated API with several survey and data platforms. which enables fully integrated data visualization streams from the field directly into your dynamic reports. Learn more about Dapresy’s strategic partnerships here. If the software you use isn’t integrated to Dapresy, it is just as easy to place your data files onto an FTP server. This is automatically scanned by Dapresy, and the data flows directly into your dashboard reports. Dapresy offers near real time reporting with this technique, and it requires no manual adjustments in the process.

Can Dapresy help better communicate the results from our online business intelligence tools to our employees and stakeholders?

Yes. Dapresy sits as a layer on top of your existing BI infrastructure. Dapresy allows you to create a visual layer unique for each user group providing easy to understand data visualization that other BI tools cannot provide. Further, you can extend the value of your data by adding the Closed Loop Functionality layer. For instance, different managers can be alerted to certain customer experience data activity with the ability to annotate, in real time, their comments to the organization on the results.

Can Dapresy integrate multiple data streams?

Yes. In addition to working on the raw respondent level survey data, the system can also take in any kind of marketing data; sales, shipments, advertising GRPs & expenditures, social media, etc.

Why is Dapresy faster than traditional deliveries – specifically PowerPoint & Excel?

Dapresy accepts the raw respondent level survey data and users then work directly on the data which eliminates the need for transcription into PowerPoint or Excel. You can also run tables instantly, so there is no need for data processing to run cross-tabs.

How is Dapresy’s multi-country tracking studies different from other options on the market?

Dapresy is a platform that was specifically built to support market research and customer experience data. Hence, most the functionality you need to deploy brand trackers is built in “native” functionality. For example, Dapresy can apply unique weights for each country, local brand lists, coloring of series across countries, “umbrella” brand lists to net sub brands into bigger groups, etc. Plus, Dapresy significantly reduces deployment time.

Does Dapresy support hierarchical reporting, which is common in employee and client satisfaction surveys?

Yes. The key to reporting these kinds of surveys is to use the Report User Management Module. This module makes it easy and efficient to create a report per unit in a company with needed benchmark results. The report of each team manager can contain benchmark values from the corresponding business unit, business area and the company. The report of each business area can also contain benchmark values from the other business areas and the entire company. Even the access rights of the managers in the company can be connected to the Hierarchical Filter, so the whole process – from the report creation to distributing the result – is very efficient!

I need to add Media spending, GRP and Share of Voice to my brand tracker. Is that possible?

Yes. Dapresy can report all types of data, not just market research data analysis. All data can be imported from different sources, and the mapping process between them is easy. The different data types can then be combined in the same dynamic dashboard and even in the same chart, which makes it easy for the user to see the connection between the different data types like advertising awareness and share of voice! By using the advanced calculation options in Dapresy, you do not need to import the Share of Voice data since it can be calculated inside the system with the media spending values as a base.

Can Dapresy support our graphics guidelines for reporting?

Yes. Dapresy is flexible to meet your graphic corporate guidelines, and it is very easy to replicate existing report layouts. Dapresy provides the pixel precision of Photoshop and the flexibility of PowerPoint allowing high-end data visualizations. Dapresy is specialized in visualizing market research and marketing data, so you will often find built-in functionality for many of the data visualization tasks you need to use when reporting market research data analysis.

Can Dapresy provide advanced analytics functionality?

Yes. For advanced analytics, Dapresy integrates with SPSS Modeller. This combination lets you create effective workflows for data cleaning, data transformations, text mining and the application of advanced analytics models to your data before reporting and distributing to your audience.

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