Management Team

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Tobi Andersson, CEO and Co-Founder

Tobi has spent his entire career in two fields: marketing research and the agriculture business. While working at the largest field house in the Nordics, he pioneered developing online data presentation systems to visualize market research data. He founded Dapresy in 2003 and has dedicated his professional career to data visualization. He is a recognized expert in the field and has helped hundreds of companies with innovative visualization processes.

In 2005 he founded an agriculture company in Sweden that supports farmers with modern software technology in order to support future precision farming trends. In this company he develops software that is being tested in real conditions at the farms he owns. He holds a master’s degree in agriculture, and has studied at the Ahrens University with a focus on understanding the mechanics behind fast growing companies.

Tobi has presented at many marketing and marketing research shows over the years, including Research and Results and Insight Show. He also enjoys helping young entrepreneurs and future leaders by giving talks at MBA/leadership programs and formal lunches to help share his advice and best business practices.


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Rudy Nadilo, President, North America

Rudy’s forward-thinking, leadership approach ensures that Dapresy is always striving to out-do itself as the most adaptive and visually engaging reporting software in today’s market. He inspires and motivates all team members to solve our clients’ reporting challenges while keeping them satisfied and educated on Dapresy’s newest advancements. Rudy is the driving force behind the thriving North American headquarters that has exponentially grown since it was founded in 2013.

Rudy has deep experience in the market research and insights industry. As SVP at Information Resources, he successfully revived their failing consumer panel business and spearheaded the launch of their proprietary collection device to gather multi-channel panel data. Rudy is one of the leading forces behind the inception of online research, and is well known in the research industry. As the founding CEO of Greenfield Online, Rudy pioneered the use of online technology for marketing research.

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Fredrik Österberg, General Manager, Europe

Fredrick was recently appointed to General Manager, Europe. Previously, he had been the Chief Sales Officer at Dapresy since 2012, and prior to that, he was the Chief Operating Officer for four years. From 2006 to 2008, he served as head of project operations at Hermelin Nordic Research where he managed a team of 25 people. The team included project managers, data processors, developers, and designers. From 2003 to 2006, he served as Hermelin’s head of Data Processing and IT. He holds a Master’s Degree in Media Technology from the Institute of Technology at Linkoping University. He is married and has two young daughters.

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Alexander Skorka, Chief Operating Officer

In Alexander’s role as “global head of solution design” he will help customers make the most out of Dapresy’s products by both creating solutions based on the Dapresy product portfolio and consulting customers on how to use Dapresy’s products to maximize their outcomes.

Previously, Alexander spent more than three years working as head of technical operations at TNS Germany where he managed a team of 150 people, including project managers, developers, data processors, and information delivery experts. Prior to that, he served as a member of the management board at Kantar Health heading the operational units as well as market research teams. He started his professional life as a managing director of a service and training provider for visual communication, data visualization, and presentation design. As such, he is highly experienced in the market research industry and an expert in information visualization and delivery, which is apart from his other passion, cooking. He holds a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich. He is married and has a sixteen-year-old son.

John Bird

John Bird, Senior Vice President, North America

John Bird is a senior market research sales executive with a record of building client centric, quality focused organizations that deliver long term, sustainable and profitable revenue growth. He has extensive experience collaborating across business units to determine company vision and build short and long term metric driven business strategy.

John has worked within the consumer packaged goods and technology industry since 1987. His experience spans B2B and B2C work and he has conducted research programs in over 70 countries. He has direct experience with Retail and Shopper Insights, Innovation and Product Development, Advertising and Brand as well as Stakeholder Management.

John has a Bachelor of Science degree in Agricultural Business with a concentration in marketing degree from California Polytechnic, San Luis Obispo.

Emir Smajic

Emir Smajic, Chief Technology Officer

Emir has been the Chief Technology Officer at Dapresy since 2012 and was previously a Senior Software Developer & Team Manager. He Has more than 16 years of software developing experience. He Moved to Sweden in 2004 after attending school in Sarajevo where he studied electrical engineering

Beth RoundsChief Marketing Officer

Beth brings a wealth of experience to the Dapresy team. She has held leadership roles in a number of prominent research agencies, from small/mid-size firms to pre-IPO to large global operations. In the past fifteen years, her focus has been in the areas of new product development, marketing and communication strategies.

With this broad background, Beth and her team will focus on linking Dapresy’s strategy to effective marketing initiatives and provide value to current and future customers through thought leadership and informative webinars.

Beth continues to be involved in industry associations and is a regular speaker at events. She is passionate about building brands where innovation, technology and research connect.

Brin MooreVice President, Strategic Partnerships

Brin is a business development executive with diversified expertise in growing businesses in the Market Research industry. At Dapresy, Brin will contribute to the business vison and mission by identifying, evaluating and integrating Strategic Partnerships that will help capitalize on market opportunities. Brin brings to Dapresy her extensive experience in building operations to support new lines of business including working with multiple teams, problem solving and managing change.